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Wednesday, February 9, 2011



I started doing this 3 years ago, but I think it fits in perfectly with my new life - it saves money because if you grow your own herbs, flowers, and veggies, you are spending less money at the grocery store.  Also, it encourages me to eat fresher meals, so NUTRITION!  It encourages COMMUNITY, as I share my extra seedlings with friends and neighbors so they can have fresh food too.  Ask Donna - she grows zucchini the size of babies!

Growing things soothes the soul

When those first little sprouts emerge - it's exciting!  I feel PROUD!

If anyone wants to know how to start your own little seeds, here are the basic instructions: (or you can just start seeds on a windowsill - just grow SOMETHING!)

You need:
Planting cups
Growing light

You need a tray under the cups so the water doesn't leak all over.  For the cups, you can use eggs cartons, yogurt cups, bottoms of 2-liters.  Anything, really.  I buy biodegradable cups with my seeds (from Lowe's) - they can be planted right into the dirt, so I have a less of a chance of screwing up my little seedlings.  For seeds, there are websites you can go to for special plants, or you can just go to your local Lowe's or Home Depot.  You can also get organic seeds.  The growing light can be purchased at any hardware store.  You need the fixture, and then the light bulbs.

Follow the directions on the seed packages - most say plant right under the surface and keep moist.  Some seeds can be planted outside at the beginning of the season.  The light should be very close to the dirt, and raised as the seedlings emerge and grow taller.

Turn on the light daily and watch them grow!  The package will tell how long each seed will take to come out.