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Monday, August 13, 2012

Birthday WEEK

Don't you have a birthday week?  

While in the past this was carefully provided by someone who will be left unnamed, I decided that even though I do not currently have a significant other, I still deserved a birthday WEEK.

The previous week I signed up for every store and restaurant that I knew had birthday specials. I was also graciously provided many coupons from companies that I have been loyal to.

Monday - Took my coupons to the mall and bought myself a birthday outfit, complete with some new Victoria's Secret treats.  Then I met up with my roommate, Wendy, for dinner at Chili's, with free Chili Queso and Chips, and a free molten lava cake for dessert.  Went home happy and exhausted and watched Olympics gymnastics.

Tuesday - After work, a heavenly massage and adjustment at Optimal Wellness with Dr. Michaella and massage therapist, Naomi.  And oh it gets even better.  After a lengthy hot shower, I put on a cute little sundress and met Samantha at Inn Season vegetarian restaurant for this amazing ginger cashew stir fry with peanut sauce.  Thanks for dinner, Sam!  We then went over to Salon Nails in Royal Oak for more massaging with our mani / pedi, and a fluorescent purple on my nails and toes.  Perfect birthday color!  As Sam says, "Perfect birthday week color".  The night ends with a lazy night of watching more Olympics gymnastics.  GO USA!

Wednesday - Lowe's and Dinner with Sea at Culvers

Thursday - Donna and Joe took me out to dinner at Moose Preserve.  Mmmm pot roast.

How could this day be better?  After waking up with no alarm, and a cat cuddling next to me, I lazily stayed in bed for about 2 hours reading magazines and playing a game.  When I finally got my ass out of bed and took a shower, I picked up Katy and had a leisurely lunch at Barrio Tacos and Tequila in Birmingham, MI.  I will say Im a bit of a guacamole critic, and theirs is AMAZING!  They had several varieties, but we went with the classic.   We were also told that we couldn't leave without trying a cocktail, so we split a prickly pear margarita, and a margarita americano with fresh orange juice.  They were delish!  We split a taco tray of 7 tacos.  They say they are small tacos.  But they are STUFFED with good stuff.  We couldn't finish them between the two of us.  All 7 were amazing though.

After watching some rhythmic gymnastics, I went home and chilled out on my couch doing NOTHING (how awesome does that sound?) for a couple of hours before getting ready for the evening.

I was sitting on the couch all dressed and ready to go waiting for a very tardy Seabrook & Katy.  Katy finally shows up and says she has a surprise.  I look out my front door and see a ROLLS ROYCE LIMO!  We picked up another friend, and pulled up to my friend Samantha's door.  We kidnapped her while Sea took her son & his friend to Chuck-e Cheese.  After dropping all of them off at home, we grabbed some good pizza, and headed to a Vegas-style club in Novi.  We pulled up in the limo like rockstars.  My friend Michelle showed up there to hang with us for a bit. We danced like crazy, and I infiltrated a VIP area, although I think it was only because it was my birthday.  We made it back to The Rock in Royal Oak for last call.  Saw a few more friends, and called it a night.

It definitely made it into the top 5 birthdays!  THANKS SEABROOK!

Saturday - Ok, I'll admit it ... I lost Saturday because of Friday.  It was worth it.  But I did wake up to videos from my baby sister, Sonya.  She was at a comedy show and told them it was my birthday, so I got a few random birthday wishes :)

Sunday - The week ended with a trip to the Birmingham farmers market (because I lost Saturday).  Tomatoes, cucs, a petting zoo, and fresh roasted corn.  Yum.  Katy and I then went and spent the afternoon lounging in Granny's pool.  Could it get any better than this?  (Sorry Katy, for not having the energy for gymnastics or late-night dancing!)

It was one hell of a week.  I hope this inspires everyone to create a BIRTHDAY WEEK!

Peace.  Love.  Serene.