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Friday, November 15, 2013

Here We Go Again ...

Do you remember when I did the Whole 30 program in June?  Amazing!  30 days of clean eating and I felt good and looked slim.  But I've gained a bit of weight since then.  So Im starting a mini-version.  My roommate and I have vowed to avoid all of the no-no foods for 2 weeks, minus one day.

We started yesterday (Nov 14) and we intend to continue until the day before Thanksgiving.  We might have to take off the day before as well, but only for small taste testing of dishes that we have to make for the big day.  As any cook knows, you don't put anything out that you have not tasted and seasoned appropriately.  We also won't be adding foods groups back in one at a time.  I'm pretty much going to be the poster child for gluttony at our fancy dinner at the Detroit Golf Club (shrimp cocktail as big as your hand!) so that's out of the question.  But I did recommend to my roommate that she tries the whole program at some point so she can test the effects of each food group so she know which ones she is sensitive to.  It's a huge step toward good health.  If you haven't yet, please read IT STARTS WITH FOOD, by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig

So we won't have gluten, grains, dairy (except clarified butter and cream), legumes, beans, corn, sugar, alcohol, white potatoes, soy, or anything fried or processed.

And here we go - 2 weeks - no problem.  I figured that I knew what I was getting into so I'd have no problem.  But we had picked our day, and I wasn't prepared, so breakfast was fine, then I had my dinner for lunch because I forgot to plan a lunch, and then I had the last of the same chicken for dinner, so I was bored.  So last night I boiled eggs, made homemade mayo, homemade raw almond butter.  NOW I'm ready to start. One more trip to the grocery store so I can make a few meals to throw in the freezer when Im hungry and in a jam, and I'll be all set.  There is plenty to eat on this plan - it's just hard because you can't eat any convenience foods.  So if you haven't made anything or shopped,  you're kind of SOL. (let me know if you don't know what that means).

Who wants to join us for 2 weeks?

Peace.  Love.  Serene.