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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Florida 2014

It was a good time to get away.  Scheduled to fly out just hours after my Granny's funeral (she would never wanted anyone to cancel a good time!), it was a nice escape of 2 days by myself before my friends arrived.  While the weather wasn't as good as I would have liked (1 good day by myself, and about a day and a half of sun once my friends arrived), it was still a great time!

I set out at 5:30am for 2 of the days to complete my scuba diving certification, which was awesome, but soooo early!  Lots of turtles.  We went to Weeki Wachee sink hole, which was extremely disorienting the first day, but a little bit better on the second day.  But I am officially a scuba diver!! (and yes, I peed in the wet suit ... we were in the water for 4 hours!)

The next few days were filled with:

Touristy shopping, perfect sand, great omelets, Crabby Bills, stone crab claws,  huge pelicans, grouper sandwiches at the Hurricane, karaoke with the nursing home, sunsets, Pina Coladas at the Don, "Take another picture",  karaoke at the smoky bar, and finding random air plants.

Peace.  Love.  Serene.