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Monday, June 16, 2014

What a Weekend!

I guess it's just a blogging kind of day for me - I just have so much to share!

Do you ever have those weekends that you can't believe you have done so much?  Well, I don't usually either.  This weekend feels like it lasted several days.  I had so much fun!


When I got home from work on Friday, Aspen was begging for attention, so I just put down my lunch dishes and my purse, sat in the grass, and played with my kitty!  She rolled around while she let me pet her, and we laid in the grass soaking up the sun.

I then went in and opened up the house, and when I opened the back door, I remembered that my first shipment from Door to Door Organics was coming today!  YAY!  I had wanted to get in on a CSA from a local farm, but that is usually done much earlier in the season, and Im sure all of the shares are sold out by now.  So I did the next best thing:  I am ordering from a company that delivers organic fruit and veggies (and anything else I order) every week or every other week.  They use local farms whenever possible, and they will soon be offering a "local only" box.  I can see what is being sent for each shipment, and I am able to switch out anything that I don't like.  As you can see, I also ordered organic milk from a local farm.  Why does milk taste so much better when it come from a glass bottle?  The large beans in front are English Peas.  I popped open the pod and ate a few, and I just couldn't stop.  I don't think Im going be able to make a dish with these because I'm going to eat them all raw before I have a chance!

Friday night I met up with a guy I just met.  Ok, it was a date.  It was fun - we'll see ...


I started Saturday with one of my favorite past times, a trip to the farmer's market.   I didn't even buy much this time - a bunch of rhubarb, a few succulents, and some tea.  But I love the energy there.  It is so grounding and soothing.  

I also had breakfast with my brother, Seabrook.

When I went home I did a bunch of weeding and care-taking in my garden, also planting the new succulents.

On Saturday afternoon I visited the farm at my friend Katy's parents house.  This summer they have been working hard to build enclosures for chickens, sheep, and pigs.  I named this one Mildred.  They also built a beautiful HUGE garden (sorry, no pictures), they keep bees, and they have a couple of very energetic dogs.  We learned how to make mustard and horseradish, and finished the day with homemade pastrami sandwiches, and then a walk through the woods.  Such a cool place, with this amazing energy!


After all of the farming and garden fun of the previous day, sitting by the pool in the 80-degree weather sounded perfect.  We floated and sunned, with a few cannon balls thrown in for good measure.  I had also prepared an easy dinner to throw on the grill, so we ended the day with Marinated flank steak, crispy garlic potatoes, grilled corn, caesar salad, and a fruit salad of pineapple & strawberries.

Samantha had perfect technique of bringing her drink with her when she crossed the vast pool on the float.

Seabrook lounging, wearing the Bumpa shorts.

And how was your weekend?

Peace.  Love.  Serene.