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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spring Flowers 2

Ahhh the Irises.  Is it just me?  They make me so HAPPY!   I love the big colors and the graphic layouts of the petals.  The way the petals are different colors and meet in the middle.  Yes, I know how flowers work, but they just look so COOL!!  I bought several dry roots last fall, but I think only one of them came up, which is a bummer.  And I had a yellow and white one that came up last year but made no appearance this year.


These are the annual dahlias I was raving about in the previous blog.  Yes, they are annuals, and yes, I plant them every year.  I did buy some dahlia bulbs, and I think they are coming up, but you know, instant gratification and all that.  Hard to refuse these beauties when I see them at the flower store!  Aren't they amazing?

The herb garden is in.  I don't have tarragon yet - none of the stores have it!  They said it was a bad batch this year - has anyone else tried to find it?  Im going to see if I can find it at the farmer's market - Im thinking they wouldn't be affected by the same issues that the bigger flower stores have.  Im going to try the moss painting again this year - I would really love to see "Herbs" in moss across the front of this!

Here are more of my spring flower garden!  My hot pink columbine didn't come up this year.  Damn.  I really liked that little guy.  I did pick up a new yellow columbine.  And of course the gazenias!

There will be more flower pictures.  
Oh yes, there will be more!!

Peace.  Love.  Serene.