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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mom's Birthday Week

So this is exciting - I get to tell you about someone else's birthday week!  My Mom spent most of that week in Detroit with us (a few weeks ago), and we sure had fun!  She got a late start to her drive down because she broke her foot and had to stay in town for an orthopedic appointment!  NOT the proper way to start your birthday week, just for the record!

I must be out of practice in my blogging, because I didn't take pictures at everything we did, which I should of!  I will share what I can!

During the week we went to see Jurassic World in 3D, which was *INCREDIBLE* - I literally think there were 5 times during the movie that I turned to my mom and said "that was awesome".  I highly recommend going to see this in 3D before it leaves the theatres.  I can't imagine its the same at home.

We also went to the Detroit Zoo, which turned out to be an amazing day!  It was supposed to storm all day, so I think a lot of the crowds that would normally be there decided to stay home.  We strolled leisurely (well, she rolled, I wasn't going to make my mom hobble on crutches, so we rented an electric scooter!) through the park and didn't have to combat crowds.  It turned out to be a sunny and gorgeous day, with a slight to breeze to keep the temperature in check.  We particularly liked the rhino that was looking at us, and the penguins that had obviously found the A/C vent, and were basking in it!

On her birthday proper, my Mom, Bri, and I, started with a trip to the farmer's market, with breakfast at the cafe.  We then went to get mani/pedis.  We figured if people were going to look at the boot she's wearing, she better have pretty toes!

Next we went to One Eyed Betty's for a coke and an appetizer.  Great beer selection, but it was a little too early in the day for that.  (That's Bri on the right - you may remember her from Italy.  She helped make this day for my Mom super special!!)

From there, my brother picked her up in his great little
Porsche Speedster 356 
and took her for a tour around Detroit - she had never seen many of the sites before.  Talk about seeing the city in style!  This is one picture I wish I had for you, with her in the car, but at least I can show you the car!  That's me in it.  (Im not sure if the car has a name yet)

We ended the evening by going to one of the best steakhouses in town -
London Chophouse
I've had a lot of steaks in my life, and this was the best.  It was all ala cart, and we ordered steaks, salads, asparagus, potatoes, and of course wine.  It was fantastic!  And to top it off, my mom got a birthday surprise with dessert.  How cute is she?

All in all, a successful birthday week!  What will you do for your birthday week??