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Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Fun

So this weekend was my first weekend that was really integrated into my new life.  Yes, I had laundry, yes I had homework and paperwork ... but I wanted to take advantage of good friends and opportunities, so here is what my weekend looked like:

Fri:  Met with Jennifer Champagne of Milake Pictures and crew.  I have been invited to help out with throwing a VIP party at a hot club in downtown Detroit.  The party is to shoot a video for the band, Vinyl Station, and their new song, "Gone."  She graciously assigned me the title of "associate producer" although I don't know how deserved that is.  : )  Its been a long time since I have been in media, TV, and events.  I forgot how much I liked it, and I am very very excited to be a part of this!

Fri:  Ann Arbor art fair with my good friend and fellow elementary catholic schoolmate, Michelle.  She was a wonderful tour guide!  Unfortunately we saw about 6 booths before a downpour with tornadoes started, so the fair was closed up for the day.  She did show me around campus and show me various buildings at UofM and their histories.  It was awesome.  I especially liked the law school complex that looked like it belonged at Harvard or Cambridge.  Oh!  I did buy an amazing pottery berry bowl, with holes in it so the water from rinsing falls into the saucer below.

Sat:  2nd part of my Reiki 1 class.  I now know how to perform self-reiki for energy balancing.  when I take Reiki 2 I will be able to help others!

Sun:  Kensington Park water park with my GREAT friends Samantha & Michelle, and their little ones.  It was so great to watch all of these kids have SO MUCH FUN!  And I even went down the water slide several times.  Water slides are fun.  It just make SENSE to drive a little bit to put priority on people that really make my life more enjoyable.

Sun:  Donna's (my boss at Bloomfield Gymnastics) birthday celebration!  GREAT food, garden walks, refreshing NEW pool, cards, and almost a bonfire.

So it was a great busy weekend with GREAT friends!