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Friday, July 30, 2010


Many people have tried yoga, but not everyone likes it.  I have only done it a few times, and never liked it enough to be excited to go back.

WELL I now know that everyone should try different styles, different clubs, and different teachers.  I have really connected with the class at LA Fitness!  The instructor goes slowly and doesn't use any complicated moves.  And she always welcomes people to stay in a pose for longer if we need it and just catch up, which is great when Im getting a really good stretch.  She also talks about when the body shakes (like my muscles do sometimes) and that it's ok, and the body is just warming up.  It helps so I don't feel self-conscious about my arms shaking all over the place.  : )

There are two other yoga places in the area that I plan on trying - and they both give a week or two free!  Does anyone want to join me?  Namaste Yoga, and Yoga Shelter