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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Challenge: 1 Day Juice Fast

Ok, I know there are lots of people who do 3-day fasts, 1-week fasts, and even longer.  Katy's Mom did an 8-day juice fast.  HOLY SMOKES!  But I don't think you understand how much I like food.  The way it lays on a plate, the aroma that fills a house, the feeling of the textures on my tongue, and the way it tastes as it hits my taste buds.  Yeah, I love food.

BUT I haven't felt the greatest lately, and decided to take the challenge.  Katy has said that a juice fast gives the digestive system a break, and allows your body to flush toxins.  See more reasons below.

Instructions:  8oz of juice in glass, fill with 12-24oz of water.  After every juice glass, drink glass of water.  Repeat throughout the day.  Try to drink juice every half hour so as not to get hungry.

8:30am - Wake up and start juicing
9:00am - Start glass of straight green juice (although the rest of the day will be water & juice mixed)
10:00am - Arrive at work - thought I would be hungry by now but Im ok!
10:15am - Realize I've forgotten the jug of juice at home.  Seriously?
11:30am - Getting a little bit hungry, so I down the rest of my jar, which actually curbs my hunger (mostly)
12:15pm - Katy brings my juice from home (thank goodness!)
12:30pm - Another jar of juice curbs my hunger (mostly) again
1:30pm - Feeling pretty good.  I am having cravings for the taste of food, and the chewing sensation, more than I am actually hungry.
3:50pm - Leaving work.  The hunger feeling is back.  Trying to down the juice.
4:20pm - Went to neighbor's house and she had just made popcorn.  The smell made my tummy rumble.
5:00pm - Supposed to leave for gymnastics soon.  Feeling lethargic and hungry.  Drinking more juice but it's not taking away the hunger this time.

So here's the big question:  Do I tell you that I made it the whole day as proof that anyone can do it?  Or do I tell you the truth in saying that I felt good for more of the day than I expected to, but towards the end my body was telling me that I needed some substance.  So I broke down and ate a healthy dinner of protein and veggies.    Judge me or don't judge me ... but try the fast for yourself!  I will do it again soon, and maybe make it a whole day, maybe not.  I know my digestive system thanks me for the time off that it had.

Peace.  Love.  Serene.

Why Juice Fast?
  1. One of the most common and essential reasons to juice fast is to enhance the immune system. There are various toxins, excess body fat, fatty acids and chemicals inside the body. Fresh juice packed with phytochemicals, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and enzymes help in ridding the body of toxic waste buildup, and help to propel physical and mental wellness.
  2. Juice fasting provides essential nutrients to increase vitality and minimize digestive efforts in the body.
  3. Moreover, juice fasting cleanses the body from external toxins ingested from outsides source such as air, which are toxic to the building of the body's enzymes.
  4. Along with the cleaning of various organs, juice fasting also provides various other benefits, as it helps in overcoming several illnesses such as stress, depression, cancer and more.
  5. Juice fasting allows the body to get essential nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E,Vitamin A and minerals like zinc, calcium, iron, potassium and so on.
  6. Another reason for juice fasting is to maintain energy levels and weight regulation. Since juice allows the body to naturally clean the digestive system and flush the unwanted substances that cause exhaustion and lethargy, it increases energy levels and regulates body weight.
  7. Fasting through juice is essential for mouth and gums and provides proper dental health and hygiene.
  8. Juice fasting can be great for the skin as well, as cleansing clears out pores and helps to give your complexion a youthful shine.
  9. It provides essential nutrients that help in easy digestion.
  10. Juice provides fibroblasts that help to build collagen.