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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Renaissance Festival

Wenches, and mead.  Swords and jousting.  Turkey legs and ax-throwing.  Men in armor.  Oh yes, once again, it was time for the
~ Renaissance Festival ~

We donned our corsets and skirts, braided our hair, and grabbed our pewter mugs.  Michigan has one of the best festivals.  I've never been to another, so I guess I am only assuming, but our festival includes well-standing shops that stay up all year, and are authentic in wooden beams and creaky floors.

I would highly recommend experiencing this festival if you never have before.  It brings you back in time with people speaking with accents and donning traditional garb.  There is lots of good food, music, comedy shows, grape stomping, costuming everywhere, clothes, jewelry, perfumes & oils, swords & weapons, and household and kitchen goods in metal, pewter, glass, and wood.  It's amazing!

 Katy bought a real steel-boning corset!  And we both bought new skirts to complete our authentic outfits.  This is our before and after.

The characters are amazing.  This woman was on a roof just yelling insults at people.  Do not try this at home - she was part of the show.  The gentleman on the right was fully armed with several swords, axes, and other various sharp and pointy things.  He was guarding the sword house (all for purchase and very heavy!)

 We had great fun watching the grape stomping.  I thought some of the actor's costumes were amazing!

The renaissance festival would not be complete without routing for your knight at the jousting show.  They really go all out - at least 3 very large solid wood lances were shattered, and 2 of the knight were thrown from their horses tumbling and flipping backwards to the ground.

So the moral of the story?  Get out there and do something unexpected.  Who knows - you might even like it!

Peace.  Love.  Serene.