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Friday, December 13, 2013

Welcome, Winter!!


OK, I know you Northern Michigan folks are cursing me - what do you MEAN, Welcome?  Granted, this post does apply to all of you as well, but I want to extend a heart-felt apology for the record 86.5" of snow that has already fallen this year (I can't seem to find where I read that today - Im pretty sure somewhere on Facebook - because everything on the internet has to be correct).

So I was sitting at my desk yesterday looking at the really pretty snow falling outside the window, I was thinking, "I can't wait for Spring!"  Which is completely correct - I love gardening, and rain, and baby flowers sprouting, and birds.  BUT I have decided that I really need to embrace the NOW.  

This season I am going to try to bundle up warmer, with more layers, and enjoy the season.  Maybe grumble a little less, and smile a little bit more.

I know, Mom, shoveling the driveway and the car sucks, but look at it this way - you said you haven't been getting enough exercise!

Please everyone remember this:  Cold air and strenuous activity can very dangerous.  Bend at the knees, go slow, and cover your mouth with a scarf so you are breathing warmer air.

Bring on the skiing, snowman-making, sledding, snow angels, midnight snowflake-watching, Shushing, scarf-wearing, hat-knitting, cold-hiking, snowboarding, ice skating, outdoor hockey-playing, and other red-nosed activities!

Peace.  Love.  Serene.