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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

You too can have a BIRTHDAY WEEK!

If you know me AT ALL, or if you have read a year's worth of this blog, you know that I get a BIRTHDAY WEEK.  A week, you say?  Yes, and that is only because I have restrained myself from having an entire birthday MONTH!  You're asking yourself why I get a birthday week.  Well, to start, Im a Leo, and that's just how we roll!  And secondly, this is important:  I CREATE the birthday week!  I know I am fabulous, and I deserve a week to celebrate!  And I am going to teach all of you how to have your very own birthday WEEK!!

1.  It helps to have super fabulous siblings & friends.  This could also apply to spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, significant others, and life partners.  They will most likely at least help you facilitate the MAIN event, and if they are really great, they will just take over and plan the whole thing (thanks Sam!).  Surprises are nice, but most likely they will need your guest list so everyone is invited properly.  And let's be honest, I insist on birthday activities, so when all of my friends say "I have other plans that day", I pretty much know something is up.

2.  Tell everyone it's your birthday week!  They may be annoyed when you say it for the 10th time, or just think you're quirky, and the majority probably will not join you for any of your super cool, super fun, events and meals, but if something DOES come up, they will think of you and how they can be a part of your birthday week celebration.  Last year my friend Amy received really really good tickets for the Kid Rock concert, and being the great friend that she is, and she knew it was my birthday week, she invited me instead of her husband!  I was thrilled!  It was such a great time!   Put the word out there!

3.  Plan your own events!  What do you like to do?  In the past I have planned a night of horseback riding and bonfire.  It was great, and it's something I love to do, with people I love!  This year we are going tubing down a river all day Sunday and having a picnic.  I also ask all of my friends: "Who is available for lunches and dinners this week?"  I certainly don't expect them to pay for my meals, so don't even think about it!  But it's a great time to get together!  It's also a great time to use up the Groupons and Living Social coupons that you have.  If you can't think of things you want to do, ask your friends, sometimes they know you better than you do, and can suggest excellent activities!

4.  Don't be afraid to pamper yourself!  Whether you are using up Groupons, gift certificates, or just splurging on yourself, you ARE SPECIAL, and you deserve it!  I will be getting a massage, mani / pedi, and lunches on my own when nobody is available.

5.  Sign up for restaurant and store perks.  I have so many freebies for my birthday in my email inbox, I won't be able to use them all!  Some are money off, and some are absolutely free desserts and meals.  Many of them are for the month of your birthday, but some are only good for your birthday week, or expire on your birthday, so pay attention!  Here are some of the companies that have sent emails:  (Btw, does anyone want to join me for these?)

Big Boy
Emagine Entertainment
Cinema Hollywood (AMC)
Ruby Tuesday
Cold Stone Creamery
Auntie Anne's Pretzels
Buffalo Wild Wings
Big Rock Chophouse
Mr. Bs Pub
Famous Dave's BBQ
BD's Mongolian Grill
Fresh Approach grocery store
Famous Footwear
Noodles & Company
Greenleaf Bodywork & Massage
Zumba Mexican Grille
Wilson's Leather
Westborn Market
Caribou Coffee