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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Costume 2012

Queen Ravenna
Snow White & the Huntsman 
(played by Charlize Theron)

Costume was purchased online at  I resewed the very itchy and very baggy arms, added metal to the front bodice, and had to fold the bodice in back because the torso was too long.  It was too complicated to sew because there were layers and overlays.

Cape was made by neighbor, Dianne, and I added the feathers, borders, and antique clasp.  Very realistic.  The cape was the best part of my costume!

The crown, which is a very realistic metal-looking hard plastic, came with the costume.  The dagger and finger piece are also purchased.  The necklace was mine, and the metal forehead piece is actually a necklace that my baby sister, Sonya, gave to me.  I just draped it around my head.