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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween (party) Season has BEGUN! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

The Halloween party season has officially begun 

This weekend marked the first parties, with more to come next weekend.  Friday started with an awesome Masquerade Ball at Ginger's Cafe, hosted by my good friend Kim.  We all donned gowns and masquerade masks.  Ashley forgot hers, so we drew one on with makeup.  Her mom's cafe was the perfect spooky setting for halloween fun.  The basement has thick lush carpet and stone walls, and felt like spirits were lurking around every corner.

We danced the night away, probably drank a little bit too much witch's brew, and ended the evening with a seance performed upstairs of the very spooky barn.  I was asked to host, and play medium, and there was to be someone "knocking" to make it seem like there were spirits present.  Those fake knocks never came, and in the silence, some information came out during the seance that was a little too accurate to be coincidence.  I'm not in any way claiming to be a medium, but there was information that was flowing into my head, and coming out of my mouth, that I couldn't possibly know.  Another guest (whom I've never met before) recently lost her father, and I was happy to pass along some information to validate that he was with her, and doing ok.  

Was it that the veil between the living and the dead is becoming thinner with every day closer to All Hallow's Eve?  Was it the crystals that I brought that provided the perfect energy, or was it Katy sitting next to me, putting her hand on my arm, to help increase the energetic field?  Who Knows!

Saturday night was Theatre Bizarre at the Masonic Temple, in Detroit, MI.  A building with a rich history of it's own, the 7 floors were decorated and presented in such a way that numerous times we said we felt as if we were in a Star Wars or Harry Potter movie.  The decorations and acts were so organic that they didn't seem unusual.  The costumes that people wore were elaborate and unique.  A new experience around every corner.  It was set up like an old time carnival, complete with freak show.  Im sure we missed a lot, with 7 floors of activities and acts.  There was a burlesque stage, a freak show, many bands, a ghost train in a room filled with fog, and so much more.  Highly recommended!

My brother, Seabrook, and I.  This year I am Queen Ravenna, from Snow White & the Huntsman, played by Charlize Theron.  (See Costume Blog).  Seabrook is Dr. Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Definitely one of the best costumes I've seen.

Do you guys remember this scene from Beetlejuice?  What great costumes!  I can't even show you all of the really cool costumes we saw at this show, but by partygoers!

Great shows in the Burlesque Room.  Burlesque dancers, comedians ... ok, that's all we got to see, but I bet there was a lot of cool acts!

The Freak Show room ... contortionists, iron-stomachs, and of course people hanging from the ceiling by their skin.  I thought this one was quite classy.

The only problem is that there were shows going on in every room, on every floor, which means we missed 90% of the acts because we were somewhere else!  Can't wait for next year!  

Peace.  Love.  Serene