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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Couponing, updated

Oh yes, one of my resolutions was to start using coupons.  Doesn't everyone, you say?  Surprisingly, no.  I discussed this with my Mom over the holidays, and she said she uses coupons.  Funny, I never recall her using them ... ever.  So maybe I just didn't pay attention at the grocery store?   I don't know if it has just never occurred to me to use them, or Im just  lazy.

I have a funny comparison to talk about coupons.  I have been to the grocery store 4-5 times since I wrote my resolution blog, and not once did I use a coupon.  Because Im not in the habit.  I received a SonicCare SpinBrush toothbrush for Christmas (wait for it - this will make sense).  I was super excited, even though its vibrating and weird, and slightly nauseating the first time I used it (some of you know that I have a pretty strong motion sickness problem).  So the first night, I opened it and used it and it was great.  The very next morning, we had to run out the door, and I pull my hair into a pony, throw on my shoes, brush my teeth, run into the kitchen to pour some to-go coffee .... and my mom is just looking at me.  Yeah, I just grabbed the manual toothbrush.  Totally forgot about the totally awesome SpinBrush (and yes, I would like sponsorship money from SoniCare).

Ok back to the point.  I have not used those coupons because I wasn't used to it.  It takes just a little bit of preparation.  I had to visit the websites, and check the Sunday coupon page, and put them in my purse!  And THEN, I have to remember to LOOK to them when Im at the store, and actively choose those items to purchase.   No, I probably won't use all of them.  But if I can just get this far, I feel like I can get into the habit.  I mean, I make a grocery list!  I should be able to check the websites once a week for coupons I may use.  I guarantee Im not going to remember to check before I leave work when I have an urge to make stir-fry and have to pick up the ingredients on my way home from work.

And this really ties into everything else - changes can be made with a little bit of prep.  Cut out coupons (couponing).  Have a grocery list ahead of time and stick to it (weight loss).  Print out your gym hours and group class schedule (get fit).

So good luck - let me know what you do to prep for changes
(By the way, I do have a good exercise tracking spreadsheet for activity changes)

Peace.  Love.  Serene.