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Sunday, May 19, 2013

It Starts With Food


Ok, so it's not a diet, but it is a PROGRAM called Whole 30, from the book "It Starts With Food" by Melissa & Dallas Hartwig.  So technically I am CHANGING my diet, which I guess is the definition of a diet, but it's more than that.

They include a lot of what they call "sciency" stuff that explains why grains, gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and legumes are bad for your system.  Let's not even start on processed food (this includes protein and "health" bars)  But the bottom line is that many of these food groups can cause systematic inflammation, which leads to pretty much a gamut of bodily issues:  weight gain, allergies, migraines, swelling, IBS, depression, and all kinds of other things.   Oh and also, they explain that milk is made by mothers to fatten up babies, and give them much needed nutrients very early in life.  That its not really meant to be consumed throughout your life.  And cows milk is for calves ... not humans.  I don't know - that all kind of makes sense to me.

So here's the plan:  30 days with none of the above mentioned food groups.  A diet of quality organic meat, poultry, seafood, nuts, veggies, and fruit.  To season food: olive oil, clarified butter (oh yeah, clarified butter and heavy cream are allowed - Im really not sure why), vinegars, and herbs.

Im not going to lie.  Im a little bit nervous.  One minute I'm saying "I don't drink coffee, and I don't have much of a sweet tooth - this will be a breeze!" Then I went to the grocery store.  Bad move.  I had gone too long before dinner, but I had to get some much needed "prep" food so that I can avoid this very situation in the future. I was hungry.  Then I saw some yummy looking crackers, and some delicious cheese.  DOH!  Ok, so maybe not so much a breeze.  Im not even going to talk about the pasta aisle.  BUT I kept reminding myself of the equally yummy meal at home I was going to make.  And it's only DAY 1 for cripes sake!

So I went home and made my dinner.  In fact, I took pictures of all of my meals today, and you will find them below.  Even my hamburger at the farmer's market!  What surprised me was that it wasn't the bun that I missed - but the beer the guy at the next table was drinking looked awfully good on this 90-degree day!

Breakfast:  Scrambled eggs w/ basil, vietnamese chicken sausage from the farmers market (I know every ingredient!), fresh strawberries.  It was amazing how sweet and flavorful the first bite tasted.  I realized that I didn't feel the same about the last few.  Is that normal.  Are we so used to not tasting our food?  I couldn't even finish this meal.

Lunch at Eastern market:  Perfectly cooked hamburger with grilled onions, ketchup, and mustard.  No, I did not eat the bun.  And Im sure that there was off-plan stuff in the condiments, but the book says sometimes you can't control it.  I definitely couldn't finish this - it was like a pound of meat!

 Dinner:  Marinated grilled chicken, steamed broccoli with olive oil, grilled carrots, fresh strawberries and blueberries.  And yes, that is a strawberry cooler in the background.  Strawberries muddled with mint and stevia.  Let it sit for a bit, then added club soda.

All in all, this could be any other day (other than the no bun).  Im told the first week is the hardest.  Im told that my cravings will go away.  Im told that I will sleep better, have more energy, have better athletic performance, be in a better mood, lose weight, have less allergies, and generally feel good.

I am striving to plan my meals so I am not tempted.  The plan includes NO CHEATS.  I know ... harsh.  Basically you have to start over.  I learned today that I just can't go too long without a meal or I get really really hungry, and thats when mistakes are made.  Im also suppose to eat enough at my meals that I do not snack.  That seems wrong to me, but if I'm going to do this, I have to follow it their way.  I will have a few little "snacky" options so that if I need it, its there.  Im not going to beat myself up about it as long as I have healthy choices.  They are adamant that we are not supposed to get super hungry in between.

I may need some help along the way.   Please don't offer me a cocktail at my little brother's graduation because I can't, and Im going to be bummed out about it.  Please forgive me when I only eat one thing when you invite me over for dinner.  Please understand when if I get a little bit crabby at the end of this week.  And please please don't mention cheese.  I already know that's my weakness.  The things I thought about today were:  cheese, crackers, pasta, and taco shells.  But ....


Peace.  Love.  Serene

P.S. If anyone wants to join me in this program, Im happy to share the info, or the book, or the recipes.  I have posted a bunch on Pinterest.  Click here to see my Whole 30 board.