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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Gardening

Ohhhhh can you feel that?  I almost forgot what sun felt like!  After this very long and hard winter, it is finally spring (except for in Northern Michigan, where it is still snowing every other day!)  You all know how much I love to tend to my garden, and the surprises I get every day as new flowers come up.  Well this episode of "In the life of Serene" is doing double duty!  Not only can I share beautiful pics of some of my annuals coming up that I am so proud of (tulips and daffodils are nearly gone, irisis are up, and I see the lilies making their green appearances), I am also going to share pics of my trip to Eastern Market, in downtown Detroit for the annual flower day.  My big brother, Seabrook, wants to take his super cool, suped up old Chevrolet truck.  See pics below!