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Sunday, October 13, 2013

1st Halloween Event of the Season - Witches Only Dinner Party

Mwah ha ha - do I hear spirits in the air?  

I certainly did on Saturday night with all the witches around!  My annual Halloween dinner party was a hit!

With the weather being so nice, we were able to eat out on the deck, with a friend's canopy for protection from the rain (thanks Darleen!)  Placecards were made from mini pumpkins, glow sticks inserted into paper lanterns made the perfect lighting and ambiance, and wine bottles littered the table.  It was a perfect night.

The middle lantern is battery operated.  The other two are paper lanterns from the dollar store with a glow stick inside.  It made a very cool effect!

Great food and great friends - could it be a more perfect night?

 Very cool dinner by candles and lanterns

The night was truly complete with a visit to the local haunted house (the story was that entire family was murdered and the killer was never found) and karaoke at my favorite place. 


Listening to the man behind the speaker try to scare us as I waited to inside the haunted house.

Photo credits to Samantha and Darleen!

Thanks Sam, Katy, Donna, Michelle, Melissa, Darleen, Audrey, & Kimmy for making the night so special!  Michelle E, and Michelle L, we missed you!

Peace.  LOVE.  Serene