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Monday, February 17, 2014

Seabrook's Surprise 40th Birthday: 1940s Hollywood Glam

I love planning parties, and I love themes.  I love dressing up, and costumes, and makeup.  I will use any excuse I can to do something different.  I even drew a cute little heart on my cheek for Valentines Day, with bright red lipstick.

My brother, Seabrook, turned 40 in January.  His friends, girlfriend, and I, decided on a 1940's Hollywood Glam theme.  We found the perfect speakeasy venue - It's called the Oxford Inn in Royal Oak, MI, and they have a party room they call the Lock & Key Room.  It was perfect with red drapes and boozy feel.  We even had a red carpet and stantions, with paparazzi snapping away and waiting for his arrival.

Oxford Inn did a GREAT job with the catering.  Chicken rockefeller, calamari, bruschetta, cheese, fruit, and crackers, and few other tasty treats.  I found great bite sized petit fours, cream puffs, and made about 200 chocolate covered strawberries!  (which, of course, I don't have a picture of)

His friends took him out to dinner so he would have some food in his stomach, then dressed him in a specially selected outfit.  He pulled up to the red carpet, and was absolutely shocked:

And of course we had to have Marilyn jumping out of a cake and singing Happy Birthday!  Our bartender, Tricia, did an AWESOME job playing the part, and being a great communicator for the venue.  He was REALLY surprised for this part!

I was so impressed at how many people really played up the costumes, and everyone seemed to LOVE the idea.  It is still being talked about a month later.  Now you get to see a bunch of pics of all of the great outfits!

And of course, my sister, and my brother, and I, on an awesome night!

Peace.  Love.  Serene.