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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Winter sucks

Ok, you're like "What?  Winter sucks?  What happened to savor the season?"  I know, I know.  I spoke too soon.  This January we have a reached RECORD snow fall.  That's right, we had the most snow fall this January than any other January in history.  Some sites claim 32 inches, others up to 39 inches.  All in January!

Here's the thing - I don't mind the snow so much (as long as it's fluffy) - it's the bitter bitter arctic temperatures that are really getting to me.  There's just no way of being outside.  Yesterday we hit a balmy 32, and it actually felt like spring.  No joke, I saw people without coats on outside.

So as the temperatures get back to a more normal manageable winter,
who wants to go skiing? sledding? Hiking?
 I need to get some new snow pants but let's GO!  Let's slap this winter in the face! 

(side note on the ill-fitting snow pants.  First off, they are from at least 10 years ago, so bonus for me that they even fit on one leg.  And technically I DID get them zipped up on both sides, they were just really really fighting against the zipper, and came unzipped halfway down my leg on one of my sledding expeditions - so I think I deserve a new pair of pants ... to match my jacket.)

So Im not complaining so much as calling this winter a bitch.  Let's make friends again.

Peace.  Love.  Serene.