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Friday, March 13, 2015

MCL: Medial Collateral Ligament

Well, my MCL injury is now officially diagnosed and working towards repair.  After an MRI, I found out I was right on with my instincts.  It is an MCL tear (not severed), with no other injuries to other ligaments or meniscus.

And like I thought, there is nothing the doc can do - they don't typically do surgery on MCL injuries unless it is just gone.  What I DID learn is that this ligament can heal itself!  10 years ago I severed my ACL and had replacement surgery.  At that time I did a lot of research, and learned that the ligament does not repair itself, and therefore even a partial tear will always be that way.  So I assumed that was true of all ligaments.  But apparently that was just because of a lack of blood flow.  The external knee ligaments (MCL & LCL) CAN repair themselves!  So that's very exciting!

What the doc did say is that there is a small possibility that I could play in my hockey finals next weekend.  He prescribed physical therapy and said to go all out.  I had my evaluation and first PT session this week.  Because of the injury and my limping for the last 4 weeks, I can't straighten my knee without a lot of pain, so that's what we're working on for a normal walking gait.  It hurt more during my passive stretching (therapist moved knee) than I expected.  Like I had to told him to stop because it hurt so much.  Then I moved on to laser, ultrasound, exercises, and active (I controlled) stretching.  My knee was really sore and tight after that first session, which worried me, but surprisingly, that next day I found out I had better extension!  Things are looking up!

At home I will continue with my PT homework, laser provided by my boss (chiropractor), icing, biofreeze, reiki, and elevation.

I have 4 more sessions before our first game of our league finals on Thursday.  Im not sure I could play in that game, but I am hoping to play on Saturday.  All prayers are welcome for speedy healing!

Peace.  Love.  Serene.