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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring and healing

I was going to start out with the bad stuff, but that's just cruel!  THIS is what you need to see - the first flowers of spring!  I should have moved the dead leaves, but I was just so excited to see signs of spring, of sun, of rain, of worms!  YAY SPRING!  By the way, this beautiful photo was taken with an iPhone 5S.  I am thoroughly impressed with the camera sometimes, as long as you take your time and touch the screen for focus.

I'm not going to lie, my mood has not been the greatest the last couple of months.  I was hit hard with the flu in December / January, and it took me a long time to recover.  I don't totally hate winter as a season, but for some reason I just couldn't shake the blues.  So now that the days are getting longer, the sun is shining, I will be able to get my hands in the dirt, I am considerably happier!  I am looking forward to this season with open arms.

In honor of Easter, I wore these to work.  No they are not slippers.  They actually have a small wedge heel.  They are adorable.  Im bummed my boss was on vacation.  She would have enjoyed these.  We are a chiropractic practice that specializes in pregnant women, babies, and families.

So I am still in physical therapy for my knee (MCL).  The whole point was to be able to play in my league finals, which has come and gone.  I went open skating and felt pretty good, so I did play in our semi-finals, which we won!  I played for a period in the finals, but after feeling a couple of minor "twinges", I took myself out of the game.  At least I tried!  So now I have been in PT for 7 weeks, and by all accounts, I should be almost completely healed, but there is something stopping the progress.  There are still exercises I am not able to do, and there is still pain.  This week I had a serious setback and could barely walk on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I don't even know what caused it.  I am also having excruciating pain in the middle of the night, so much that it wakes me up, and in the morning.  

I tried kinesio-tape for the first time this week.  It is supposed to increase lymphatic drainage, increase blood flow, and increase healing.  Many athletes swear by it.  This is the picture I did on my knee.  Yes, I looked at YouTube to find out how.  HA!
Apparently there are studies done that say that it only creates a placebo effect.  Well, Im here to tell you that can't be true, because I didn't think it was going to work!  The other day I tried it out, expecting no difference, and it took away my pain instantly!  I was shocked to walk stairs effortlessly.  So then the next day I took it off before I showered, and after my shower I was wondering why I had pain again.  THE TAPE!  When I put it back on, the pain subsided again.  Not completely, but enough to praise the tape.  I love this stuff.

So when I told my physical therapist that I still have pain, hetested my MCL, and it actually seems to be quite strong.  So there may be something else going on.  Nothing else showed up on my MRI but it's always possible that I injured it after.  So I guess it's time to go back to the doc.  Im sick of being injured.

Back to spring ... I bought my first "in the ground" plant at the farmer's market today, and look forward to the day of flats and annuals.  What are you planning for your garden this year?

Peace.  Love.  Serene.