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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blessing Packages

I've been noticing a lot more people on the street corners lately.  I know that Detroit (city of) has a large homeless population, but I have only seen a few out and about in the suburbs.  But lately I have seen a lot of people with small cardboard signs hanging out on corners.  There is one corner in particular that is at the exit off of the freeway for downtown Royal Oak.  I have given money a few times, and once a bag of chips that came with my lunch that I didn't eat.  I often wonder what my few dollars could possibly get them, if they are allowed to sit in a diner and have dinner, and while trying to hold back judgement, I wonder what that money is going toward.

So I decided that a package of goodies might be more practical than a few bucks.  They can eat at their leisure, and they don't have to walk a mile to get it.  It probably cost about $10-$15 each package, but I think it's worth it.  I have also seen a few people with dogs, so I bought a large bag of dog treats and separated into ziplock bags.  I have a soft spot for animals.

Every time I saw a good deal (10/$10), I bought things.  I was at CVS and found the snack packs of tuna or chicken salad with cracker for only $1!  They are normally $2.50.  The easter candy was 75% off!  I also stopped in the dollar store and grabbed some great deals - like 8 packs of cheese and crackers for $1!  I also went into my stock of hotel lotion and shampoo and put those in there.  I had bought a pack of socks that were too big for me, so I put in a pair in each.  Anything helps!  I had a list, and forgot some things, but it doesn't have to be perfect.  Even a few goodies will make a difference!

Here is what I put in the 5 packages I made up, put in a airtight ziplock bag:

Party mix (or corn chips)
Tuna salad & crackers
Cookie sandwiches
Cracker sandwiches
Hand warmers
Cracker sticks
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Hershey kisses

But what I really want them to know (I'll get a little more artistic next time):

Other ideas:

Plastic cups of fruit or pudding (with spoon!)
Baby wipes
Hand sanitizer
Wash Cloth
Pre-paid phone card
Grocery store gift card
First aid kit

Let me know if you make up packages to share!

Peace. Love. Serene.