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Friday, April 24, 2015

Apple Watch!

Apple Watch

So you've all seen the hype about the Apple Watch - NOT the iWatch, as some people thought it should be called.  If you haven't, you've been living under a rock!

After much anticipation, the official pre-order date was announced.  Online sales were accepted at midnight.  This is my Dad's Christmas gift to me, so I was super excited.  Apparently Im not smart enough, because I didn't think about the fact that they are in California.  So I was online, patiently waiting.  The online store said "loading" for a long time.  What I did find strange was that a system software update for my computer and iPhone automatically ran at midnight.  You can see my confusion.  So I waited till about 1:30am and finally went to bed, needing to be up for a flight the next morning.  While at the airport, I called customer service, and they placed the order for me for the green sport watch.  Don't get me wrong, this was no easy decision!  I looked online for a couple of months, and changed my mind a few times, before settling on this model.  She said that I had missed the April 24 first delivery date, and the May delivery date, and that my watch would be shipped in June.

So imagine my surprise when I got an email yesterday saying that my watch would be delivered TODAY!  On the first shipment day!  I will get the watch on the FIRST DAY anyone will have one!  I am so freaking excited I can barely contain it!  The email said that I would need to be home to sign for the delivery.  I would have stayed home from work if I didn't already have the day off.  I canceled PT (for my knee, yes Im still in PT - I'll update later), and settled in to wait for my delivery.

Here it is.  There's no way I can write my feelings, so I made a video of the "first look" (no, Im not marrying the watch):

Can't wait to learn all about it!!!

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Peace.  Love.  Serene.