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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Whole 30 Wrap-Up

Sorry guys - you were probably thinking "That's it?  What happened when adding food back in?"

I wasn't as diligent at the very end of the plan.  I did add in dairy only for 2 1/2 days - and I felt perfectly fine (YAY!) so although I understand the fattening agent of dairy (human milk is for human babies to fatten up and get nutrients, and cow's milk is for calves to ... well, you get it), I am happy to say that I have no allergy to it.  And oh my god, it was the BEST broccoli and cheese omelet I have EVER tasted!!  (yeah, I ate half of it before I remembered to take a picture)

Gluten, unfortunately, different story.  My first gluten was and Olga's sandwich & snackers (which I didn't pay attention to, but had soy in it as well).  It wasn't like a felt nauseous or anything, I just didn't feel awesome later that day, and the next day.  I had a little bit of tummy rumbling, and I felt a bit sluggish.  You know what I mean - Nothing in particular was wrong, I just didn't feel great.

I was then getting ready for my annual pool party, so I gave gluten about 2 days as well.  After I started making food, all bets were off.  Gluten, potatoes, beans, corn, mayo, sugar ... it was all there.  So for the party, and then the leftovers last week, I just didn't feel like I did during the plan.  I may take a couple of weeks of no legumes to see how it feels.

So here's the plan:  While I'm not sure that I am ready to go gluten-free, I am making conscious decision to eat LESS gluten.  That I don't need toast with my omelet - fresh fruit instead.  Less pasta in my diet.  I have also talked to people about the best gluten-free bread and pasta.  Im not sure how that works, but Im willing to give it a shot!

Summer is the perfect time for this plan because everything is better on the grill - I love grilled chicken, grilled zucchini, baked sweet potato, all done on the grill.  Try grilled shrimp, chicken, steak, and almost any veggies.  As you can see, I tried grilled strawberries and cherries.  Ehhh.  I like them fresh and cold better.  I also loved steamed veggies.

Also, mix any veggies you have in the house with eggs for a great mix - this was onion, tomato, shredded carrot, and zucchini.

I will finish up with my first "dessert" food after my Whole 30 plan.  If you are ever in the Ferndale, MI, area, you HAVE to stop in at Treat Dreams.  I tried the blueberry riesling, and the strawberry cheesecake, before deciding on this decadent dark chocolate with cinnamon and chipotle.  So good, and my tongue was kind of on fire.  YUM!

All in all, I have heard so many times "You've really slimmed down", "Your skin is glowing", "You look great!" .... so that kind of makes it worth it.  And now I know what I'm in for if I ever decide to do it again - I know how to shop, and what to make.  If anyone else wants to piggy-back on my new knowledge, let me know!


Peace.  Love.  Serene.