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Monday, January 16, 2012

Veg Week - Day 4

So far so good!  I have several meals planned, and food available.  I don't have any prepared meat in the house, so I have found myself realizing that I am FORGETTING that I haven't eaten meat.  As long as there is good food - I haven't noticed.

I did go to a restaurant for the first time and tried to see it from that angle.  Luckily I wasn't super hungry so I wasn't looking at entrees.  There weren't really a lot of non-meat options.  But because I was just getting a snack, I found several options.  I was deciding between nachos - it had meat on it, but also black beans, so taking the meat off wouldn't be that big of a deal.  Or cheese quesadillas, or french onion soup.  I settled on the soup, and it more than filled me up.

I also just bought a VitaMix (thanks mom) - its like the granddaddy, top dog, head honcho, queen bee, big boss of blenders.  You can throw everything in there - skins, seeds - and it will pulverize.  So when it comes in I can use up all of those extra veggies that are going bad because I was a little bit overzealous at the grocery store.

mmm nachos.