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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Veg Week - Day 9 - & juicing

I had the flu.  The pukey flu.  The lay on the couch, not enough energy to read, need a nap after walking to the bathroom, kind of flu.  Im all better now, but my appetite hasn't come back.  I mean, I have not been hungry in 4 days.  My Mom knows this is unheard of.  I always eat.  Therefore, I have only eaten a bite or two in the last 2 days (first 2 days - forget it).

So Im still counting these 4 days in veggie week, even though technically, I haven't really eaten anything.

I also launched my business, Simply Breathe Concierge.  I've had a lot of responses, and a lot of people who want to help me out.  It's amazing!  I'm really excited to get started.

We had our bowling fundraiser.  It was a huge success, and it took soooo much energy out of me.  I felt like shit when I got there because I had to actually shower, get dressed, and drive somewhere.  I rested, and I had a glass of Katy's green juice (see below), and felt GREAT!  I was sent out to sell prize tickets and 50/50 tickets.  I used my natural-born salesman gene.  I kicked ass.  Then I had to rest again.  I was lucky enough to sleep a bunch last night, then I realized that I needed more of that juice!

On to juicing ... I realized I had an old second-hand juicer in the basement, and I asked Katy how to make green juice.  Celery, cucumber, spinach, parsley, lemon.  And she has no fructose in her diet right now, but I can add a green apple.  I also had a yellow pepper going soft, so I added a 1/4 of that.  I went off to the grocery store, and made my first official jar of green juice!  Im hoping it will really give me that extra kick of health and energy.  Its really not that bad if you don't drink it thinking its going to taste like a pop.

I need to keep a lot more veggies on hand!

I'll keep you updated through these last few days of veggie week.  I actually have a lot of food left from my original shopping, so although I am allowed to have meat on Saturday, I have a lot of non-meat meals left, so if I do have meat its probably going to be very little.

Im thinking of making fish cakes.

Peace.  Love.  Serene.