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Friday, January 27, 2012

Veggie Week is OVER!

Veggie (2) Week is over.  What have a learned?  I've learned that chicken broth is in a lot of things.  But that brought up an interesting question.  How far should it be taken?  Is it fair to go to someone's house and they serve you stuffing, not realizing that the seasonings include a trace amount of chicken flavoring?

I have learned that there is not many options at restaurants for vegetarian options, but that a lot of dishes can probably made without the meat.  Italian and middle eastern are two culinary styles that lend well to vegetarianism.

I have also learned that although I was able to go 2 weeks without meat without much difficulty, it was only because I had a plethora of food on hand.  What's not to like about spinach artichoke ravioli with fresh sauteed tomatoes and basil?  Or fettucini primavera alfredo?  So basically, if I have meat on hand, that's what Im going to eat.  If I have veggies and pasta on hand, that's what I'm going to eat.

I will tell you that I really craved sushi.  I don't think I see the necessity in not eating fish as long as we are responsible about it.  Wild caught salmon, organic and free-range.  I have a pet psychic (it's ok if you don't believe me - but she's awesome) - I once had a few fish because she said Ash needed something to look after while I was gone to work all day.  I asked her what the fish were saying.  She said fish don't talk.  Their brains are not big enough to have thoughts.  They only have enough instincts to eat and live.  So I don't feel bad eating fish at all.

I don't eat much red meat, but when I do it is organic and from companies that have proven humane treatment.  I also buy organic and free-range chicken.  Those chickens live good lives, and I honor them.  And to this day Im not sure if we ate my pet chicken, Mary Ann (RIP) ... she may have been too skinny to have any meat.

Peace.  Love.  Serene.