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Monday, September 6, 2010


I'm a little bit behind in writing the last couple of blogs, but it's because it is coming down to the end of summer, and there is always more to do because people are trying to get in their last hoorahs!  It was the middle of August, and I had the cottage all to myself for a couple of days.  It was perfect.  This is me, enjoying the peace, the wind, the serene water.  :)

So, Im a pretty social person.  I don't need much "alone" time.  But WOW.  It is amazing to be here in the woods by myself.  It wasn't even bad coming here by myself in the dark at 11pm.  The creep-factor was relatively low!  And the best part, after spending dinner time with my momma last night, I came back to the cottage where it thunder stormed all night, which is pretty much my favorite sound ever.  THANKS EARTH!

Being there reminded me how important it is to get out of the city, and just feel the grass under my feet.  Hear the water splashing up on the shore.  Hear the crisp sound of birds waking up in the early morning. Experience the sprinkle of rain on my face as it escaped through the trees.  I was lucky enough to have my newly purchased used kayak there, which I used every day - just me and the water.  I even attempted a sunrise ride, but the overcast skies foiled me.  After that, sleepiness foiled further attempts.

On my final day, my Mom came back out and we went out on a boat cruise to see the pictured rocks (  These cliffs were formed by glaciers, with some perfect points, and various other really cool formations. (See pics that follow).  The painted lines on the rocks are formed by minerals in the rock.  When water seeps through the rock, the minerals create these amazing colors.  We saw reds, oranges, turquoise, gray, and black.  Highly recommended at least once.

It IS the end of summer - get out there!  Take a hike.  Drive to a park and just listen.  Take a tour.  Fall is a great time for getting out too - just dress warmly!

Miners Castle

Bear Face

Peering Eyes

Indian Chief

Ship's Row (lined up ships)


Birthday Ride

A new year, a new celebration.

Usually birthdays around here mean bars, but this year for my birthday we needed a change.  My friend Samantha and I were trying to think of something fun and different.  We discussed murder mystery theatre, or an interactive show such as Tony & Tina's wedding.  We ended up on this idea:  and hour and a half on horseback at night, ending up at a bonfire with hot dogs and s'mores.  Sam wouldn't go without the s'mores  : )

Who puts on such an event, you ask?  The Brighton Recreation Area Riding Stable.  And I encourage everyone to mix it up this year.  Do something different.  Try to have a birthday that is not centered around alcohol.  Sounds easy, right?  So do it!