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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Things I LOVE

Every once in a while I get the urge to SHARE!  
Here are a few things I currently LOVE:

Häagen-Dazs Toasted sesame brittle Ice Cream

Im a girl that loves a little crunch in my ice cream, but I don't like chocolate, which basically leaves me with butter pecan.  So I was thrilled to see a new CRUNCH in the ice cream case.  This stuff is amazing.  It doesn't get soft like the ones with pieces of cone in it.  Its the perfect blend of sweet, salty, nutty, crunchy!

Goat/Feta Cheese (Holiday Market)

A mix of feta and goat cheese, it is creamy and salty and amazing.  Im kind of obsessed with it.  Its incredible on crackers with apricot jam.  I tried it on a greek salad and it the flavor was overwhelmed by the strong dressings, but still tasty.  It's best to keep it simple.

I don't know if Im alone, but I love fonts.  I collect fonts like I collect shoes.  There's no way I could EVER use all of the fonts I have.  But at least they're free.  Check out this website and drool!  Especially the handwriting script collection

Pop Daddy Popcorn

My new favorite popcorn, and it's local!  They were sampling at my grocery store (Holiday Market), and I fell in love!  It's super cheap at 2 large bags for $6, and its cooked in 100% olive oil.

Bell's Two Hearted Ale

Strong and delicious.  If bud light is your favorite, you probably won't like this.  My Mom makes a face when she tries it.  Not a secret that I love this beer, but just in case you didn't know!

Valentine Vodka: White Blossom

Let's start with the vodka.  Now, I'm not an aficionado, but their white blossom vodka is awesome.  It holds up in a mixed drink, but its also really awesome with just some soda and lime.  It's light, slightly sweet, fruity, floral.  It reminds me of the flavor of a fresh lychee nut.  If you've ever had one.

But onto their tasting room / bar.  They have all of the drinks in a handy menu, a tasting sampler (very expensive), McClure's pickles (they have no food of their own), and many elixirs of their vodka, bourbon, and gin, in jars of infused spirits.  Try the cucumber vodka in a bloody mary, or in the fall, you'll be lucky if you get a taste of their apple-cinnamon whiskey.  Holy smokes.

What do you love?
Peace.  Love.  Serene.