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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cottage Weekend

This year at the cottage was bittersweet ... it may be my last.  But it was what I needed.  I needed to get away from the city.  Away from the lights.  Away from the cars.  I loved waking up at 7:30am, hearing barely the birds, going for a kayak ride, taking a sauna, running into the river, and getting out of the shower just in time for fresh coffee.

It's not about the party.  It's about that feeling.  That feeling you can only get with the smell of bonfire, with the grass and leaves under your feet, smiles on family members, and no cell phones.  It was never the party.

Thank you to Katy for making raw cookies and running in the sand with me on the long journey north.
Thank you Sam & Izaak for having more of my family members there.  I love you guys.
Thank you Jude & Gray for providing so much entertainment.
Thank you Sea for being my big brother.

So I hope I made the best of my time there, to let my soul connect, and my mind quiet enough to hear the fish swim.  I feel at peace and I hope you do too.  ~Peace.  Love.  Serene.