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Monday, July 16, 2012

What a lovely weekend

It's summer, and hot as (fill in appropriately) outside.  I had a busy week after a week out of town, and while there were many things to do at home, including emptying my still-full suitcase, I decided that taking advantage of summer is much more important.

Saturday morning started with a trip to the farmers market, sampling just-picked heirloom baby tomatoes, plenty of greens for a long-anticipated pitcher of green juice, and a stop at my favorite salsa/peanut butter stand for some spicy pineapple mango salsa and fresh Mexicantown tortilla chips.  Last stop was Dirty Girl Farms to fill my bags with teas, peppercorns, ground ginger, and several supplements for my morning smoothie.  I love Dirty Girl Farms because I know they buy local as much as possible, and whatever is not local is researched and fair trade.

After a little bit of gardening getting some plants in the ground that my Mom so lovingly split for me from her garden in Marquette, the day continued with a mid-afternoon visit from my vegan, non-drinking Katy, who was more than willing to hang out with me at the local Pig & Whiskey festival.  Yes, she tried a wee bit of the pork, and a little more than wee of the whiskey, and it was a good day.  We decided that we are recommending Southern Comfort Lime to anyone, even if its just on the rocks.  But we have also decided that we are going to concoct good whiskey with some raw honey and fresh squeezed lime to see if we can recreate the flavor without the nuisance of wondering whether there are artificial flavors on our palates.

Sunday morning started a little late because apparently I fed little miss Katy a little too much whiskey, and she long overslept her alarm.  We packed up and headed down to my Uncle Fred's boat at the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle, in Detroit, MI.  We were in for a treat with the Hydroplane Boat Races running all day.  Have you ever been?  Those boats are FAST!  And they were a little tipsy just skimming along the top of the water at 200 miles an hour.  Two races were stopped because boats actually flipped over and had to be towed upside down back to the dock.  We learned that the boats have a hatch on the bottom of the boat so that the driver can get out when they flip.  The finals race was incredible, and we each had our favorite boats to root for.  Definitely something to see in your lifetime.

So did I unpack or do laundry?  Empty the dishwasher or swiffer the floors?  Nope ... and I still have a smile from ear to ear.

Peace.  Love.  Serene.