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Monday, February 17, 2014

Retro Post: Birthday Week!!

Because it is snowing, and a terrible winter, I decided to remind you of August.  This is a post that never got published.  Shame on me!  But in the spirit of catching up, I wanted to share all of the fun I had during my birthday week.

Oh yes, I said BIRTHDAY WEEK!

If you don't know any Leos, this is how we do things!  We have a whole week of adoring attention from friends, family, and anyone else who will listen.  Lunches, dinners, parties, balloons - we love it all!  And if nobody offers, I will just ask if they want to join me for a birthday week lunch!

So this is how my week went:

Dinner at Northern Lakes Seafood with the best Granny ever

Sushi lunch ... mmmmm

Amy took me to see KID ROCK - Amazing seats, and amazing show!  Thanks Amy!

Mani/Pedi, of course

Farmer's Market (love!)

Cheers with corn!

Hanging by the pool with Katy

Fancy Schmancy Birthday Dinner w/ Granny, Fred, Sea, Eric, and Hannah

Horseback riding with my bro and all of my friends

Kenny Chesney Concert!! AWESOME!

Birthday shopping for adorable new outfit.  Yeah those are little motorcycles on my shirt.  And ORANGE pants!

More sushi ... and sake ... and friends ... and my brother ... and karaoke superstar ... and super fun!!

Cheers with sushi!

Cheers with cocktails! (This was our "band" picture)

Great Friends!


I DARE you to come up with a better birthday week than that!  And trust me, I'll try to outdo it this year!  Who wants to help?


Seabrook's Surprise 40th Birthday: 1940s Hollywood Glam

I love planning parties, and I love themes.  I love dressing up, and costumes, and makeup.  I will use any excuse I can to do something different.  I even drew a cute little heart on my cheek for Valentines Day, with bright red lipstick.

My brother, Seabrook, turned 40 in January.  His friends, girlfriend, and I, decided on a 1940's Hollywood Glam theme.  We found the perfect speakeasy venue - It's called the Oxford Inn in Royal Oak, MI, and they have a party room they call the Lock & Key Room.  It was perfect with red drapes and boozy feel.  We even had a red carpet and stantions, with paparazzi snapping away and waiting for his arrival.

Oxford Inn did a GREAT job with the catering.  Chicken rockefeller, calamari, bruschetta, cheese, fruit, and crackers, and few other tasty treats.  I found great bite sized petit fours, cream puffs, and made about 200 chocolate covered strawberries!  (which, of course, I don't have a picture of)

His friends took him out to dinner so he would have some food in his stomach, then dressed him in a specially selected outfit.  He pulled up to the red carpet, and was absolutely shocked:

And of course we had to have Marilyn jumping out of a cake and singing Happy Birthday!  Our bartender, Tricia, did an AWESOME job playing the part, and being a great communicator for the venue.  He was REALLY surprised for this part!

I was so impressed at how many people really played up the costumes, and everyone seemed to LOVE the idea.  It is still being talked about a month later.  Now you get to see a bunch of pics of all of the great outfits!

And of course, my sister, and my brother, and I, on an awesome night!

Peace.  Love.  Serene.