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Friday, April 15, 2016

New Garden! Spring is almost here!

Although we had a handful of sunny days in February and March, there was snow coming into April, and I thought spring would NEVER ARRIVE!

But alas!  The sun is out, it should be in the 60s this week, and even warmer this weekend.  I think it's time to clean the leaves out of the garden and get some fertilizer down!

Here are some of my little sprouts coming up!  Do you see the tulip buds?

Now that the garden is waking up, this is the Jerry Baker fertilizer I will be applying to my garden and lawn this weekend:

SPRING Wake-up - Terrific Turf Builder Tonic
1 cup of baby shampoo
1 cup of ammonia
1 cup of regular cola (not diet)
4 tbsp. of instant tea

Combine all of these in a 20 gallon hose-end sprayer and apply to the point of run-off. This will help your lawn wake up and breathe, while giving it something to munch on until you start your regular feeding program.

Peace.  Love.  Garden!

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